Acrolepiopsis juratae, Gaedike, 2016

Gaedike, Reinhard, 2016, New and poorly known Acrolepiinae from the Palaearctic, Afrotropical, Neotropical and Oriental regions (Lepidoptera: Glyphipterigidae), Beiträge Zur Entomologie = Contributions to Entomology 66 (2), pp. 257-264 : 259

publication ID 10.21248/contrib.entomol.66.2.257-264


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Acrolepiopsis juratae

sp. nov.

Acrolepiopsis juratae spec. nov.

Holotype, ♂, “ CONGO, DEM. REP., Bas Congo , 320 m, Nat. Res. Luki-Mayumbe, 05°27'S, 13°05'E, 29.iii.2006, leg. J. De Prins;” “Gen. präp. [genitalia slide] Gaedike Nr. 8027;” “RMCA ENT 000003257 View Materials ;” “Holotypus Acrolepiopsis juratae sp. n. det. R. Gaedike 2016;” RMCA. GoogleMaps

Derivatio nominis: Named after Jurate de Prins, who collected the specimen and enabled me the study of it.

Diagnosis (Fig. 4): Wingspan 8 mm. Head pale greybrown, scales partly rubbed off; labial palpus curved upwards, on outside grey brown, on inside and apically on each segment paler. Scape of antenna also grey-brown, on upper side paler, flagellum ringed; thorax and tegulae basally grey-brown, apically paler. Forewing dark brown, mixed with lighter brown, the lighter brown parts mainly on costal part as some short stripes. Dark brown are a more or less square patch on costa after 1/2 and as a prolongation another patch on cell, and the area around apex. On dorsum at 1/2 a white, wedge-shaped patch. Hindwing grey.

Male genitalia ( Figs 17–18 View Figs 17–23 ): Uncus long, anellus with V-shaped incision, vinculum with saccus as long as valva, saccus with broad rounded apex; valvae straight, laterally minutely dentate, with small hook-shaped tip, dorsal parts nearly connected; phallus somewhat longer than valva, broadly rounded basally, vesica with minute thorns.

Female genitalia: Unknown.

Remarks: Superficially without clearly distinctive characters; the straight valvae of the genitalia with their minute, hook-shaped tips are characteristic.


Belgium, Tervuren, Musee Royal de l'Afrique Centrale


Royal Museum for Central Africa

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