Eubalta planiceps (Gervais, 1842)

Pessoa-Silva, Marilia, Hara, Marcos Ryotaro & Pinto-da-Rocha, Ricardo, 2021, Revision of the southern Andean genus Sadocus Sorensen, 1886 (Opiliones, Gonyleptidae, Pachylinae), ZooKeys 1025, pp. 91-137: 91

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Eubalta planiceps (Gervais, 1842)


Eubalta planiceps (Gervais, 1842)  


Sadocus planiceps   (originally Gonyleptes planiceps   Gervais, 1842) has a convoluted taxonomic history, with many previously unknown synonyms detected, which will be published elsewhere (briefly commented in Pessoa-Silva et al. 2020). We excluded it from Sadocus   because it lacks the synapomorphies of the genus. It also lacks the diagnostic characters of the genus, such as the typical ocularium shape and type of armature, dorsal scutum shape, just to name a few. Comparing with other species of Chilean Pachylinae   , we detected striking similarities with Eubalta meridionalis   . This synonymy did not go unnoticed by Kury et al. (2020a) in his catalogue, who also detected this in parallel with this revision. Finally, Kury et al. kindly invited us to publish this synonymy that resulted in a publication of that synonymy ( Pessoa-Silva et al. 2020).