Toledonia Dall, 1902, Dall, 1902

Ohnheiser, Lena Tina & Malaquias, Manuel António E., 2014, The family Diaphanidae (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea) in Europe, with a redescription of the enigmatic species C olobocephalus costellatus M. Sars, 1870, Zootaxa 3774 (6), pp. 501-522: 511

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Toledonia Dall, 1902


Toledonia Dall, 1902  

The genus Toledonia   was created by Dall (1902) for the species T. perplexa   . It is characterised by a small, thin shell that is smooth or can have spiral furrows. The spire is elevated resembling an Acteon   . The foot is not forked and the prostate is not divided. Usually there is a diverticulum present between the buccal mass and gizzard and the denticulated rachidian tooth can be flanked by up to two lateral plate-like teeth ( Dall 1902; Marcus 1976; Golding 2010).