Colobocephalus M. Sars, 1870, M. Sars, 1870

Ohnheiser, Lena Tina & Malaquias, Manuel António E., 2014, The family Diaphanidae (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea) in Europe, with a redescription of the enigmatic species C olobocephalus costellatus M. Sars, 1870, Zootaxa 3774 (6), pp. 501-522: 512

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Colobocephalus M. Sars, 1870


Colobocephalus M. Sars, 1870  

The monotypic genus Colobocephalus   was introduced by M. Sars (1870) for the species C. costellatus   . It is characterised by a very thin and fragile internal auriform shell that possesses a short spire and prominent sutural lines. The aperture is wide, only outer lip present. The cephalic shield is rolled up anteriorly to form stumpy tentacles; eyes are visible. The foot is elongate, truncate and notched posteriorly, slightly lobed anteriorly. A median furrow on the sole is present. The animal is not able to retract into the shell completely. Operculum absent.