Paratmeticus, Marusik, Yuri M. & Koponen, Seppo, 2010

Marusik, Yuri M. & Koponen, Seppo, 2010, A review of the Holarctic genus Tmeticus Menge, 1868 (Araneae, Linyphiidae), with a description of a new genus, ZooKeys 59, pp. 15-37: 27-28

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gen. n.

Paratmeticus  ZBK  gen. n.

Type species.

Oedothorax bipunctis  Bösenberg and Strand, 1906.


Prefix “Para” - indicates the resemblance of this genus to Tmeticus  The gender is masculine.


The new genus is easily distinguished from the similar Tmeticus  by lacking distinct tibial apophyses, and in having the papillate tegular sac larger than the protegulum, a slightly twisted embolic division, a sharply pointed embolic membrane and a large distal suprategular apophysis, longer than the embolic division. In contrast to Tmeticus  , themedian plate of the epigyne in the new genus is widest in the anterior region, rather than in the posterior region.


Medium-sized erigonine spiders. Uniformly coloured, male carapace without modifications, male chelicera with mastidion, inner row with 4 inner teeth and 5 outer teeth (all smaller than inner teeth). TmI 0.63-0.65. Male palp elongate, with patella as long as tibia, tibia lacks apophyses, distal suprategular apophysis longer than embolic division; embolic division slightly twisted with two arms: anterior radical process and embolus proper; embolus parallel to process with lamellate basal process; epigyne without cavity, median plate widest anteriorly.


The type species only.