Typhlodromus noonus El-Banhawy & Knapp

El-Banhawy, E. M. & Knapp, M., 2011, Mites of the family Phytoseiidae Berlese from Kenya (Acari: Mesostigmata) 2945, Zootaxa 2945 (1), pp. 1-176: 61-62

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.2945.1.1



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Typhlodromus noonus El-Banhawy & Knapp

n. sp.

Typhlodromus noonus El-Banhawy & Knapp   n. sp.

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Material examined. Holotype female, Kenya, Marigat Kabarnet Road , Rift Valley, altitude 1791 m, March 2005 (El-Banhawy).  

Female: Dorsal shield reticulated, 300 long, 184 wide, with six pairs of pores. Measurements of dorsal setae: j1 12, j3 35, j4 26, j5 28, j6 48, J2 50, J5 12, z2 28, z3 30, z4 31, z5 32, Z4 48, Z5 44, s4 37, s6 38, S2 41, S4 37, S5 35, r3 25, R1 35, JV5 40. All dorsal and ventral setae smooth. Peritrematal shield fused anteriorly with dorsal shield, reaching level of z2. Sternal shield, distances between St I-St III 55   , St II-St II 48   , St IV on platelets. Genital shield strongly reticulated, 51 wide. Ventri-anal shield 81 long, 60 wide (L/W ratio 1.4: 1), with a pair of elliptical pre-anal pores immigrated forwardly and two pairs of pre-anal setae (JV2, JV3). Two pairs of metapodal platelets, two pairs of sigillar sclerites and six pairs of setae surrounding ventri-anal shield. Fixed digit of chelicera with four teeth, movable digit with two small teeth. Spermatheca calyx tubular, narrowed in middle and slightly flared distally, 14 long, atrium very small. Legs without macrosetae. Chaetotaxy: genu II 2, 2   / 0, 2/1, 1, genu III 1, 2   /1, 2/0, 1.

Remarks. This unique species is distiguished by the following combination of characters: short peritreme, presence of only two pairs of pre-anal setae, forward migration of pre-anal pores, absence of macrosetae on legs, presence of eight setae on genu II and reticulated genital shield. The male is unknown.