Apocuma Jones 1973, Jones, 1973

Gerken, Sarah, 2013, New Zealand Bodotriidae (Crustacea: Cumacea), Zootaxa 3630 (1), pp. 1-38: 3

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Apocuma Jones 1973


Apocuma Jones 1973  

Type species. Apocuma brasiliense Jones 1973  

Diagnosis. Female. Pseudorostral lobes meeting in front of eyelobe and extending at least 0.1 times carapace length past anterior border of eyelobe; pleonite 6 projecting weakly between uropods. Fully developed exopods on maxilliped 3 –pereopod 2, pereopod 3 with or without a rudimentary exopod. Male. Fully developed exopods on maxilliped 3 –pereopod 4 and 5 pairs of pleopods.

Remarks. This genus is quite different looking from any of the other New Zealand bodotriids, in that it has a dorsally directed pseudorostrum that extends well beyond the eye lobe. The eyelobe is short and broad, without lenses.

New Zealand species. Apocuma chathamensis   n. sp., A. sculpta   n. sp.