Spirobranchus 123gaymardi (de Quatrefages, 1866)

Yanez-Rivera, Beatriz, Tovar-Hernandez, Maria Ana, Galvan-Villa, Cristian Moises & Rios-Jara, Eduardo, 2020, Tubicolous polychaete worms (Annelida) from Bahia de Chamela Islands Sanctuary, Mexico, with the description of a new bamboo worm, Biodiversity Data Journal 8, pp. 57572-57572: 57572

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Spirobranchus 123gaymardi (de Quatrefages, 1866)


Spirobranchus 123gaymardi (de Quatrefages, 1866)  

Cymospira gaymardi   in de Quatrefages 1866: 539-540, pl. 20, fig. 13.

Spirobranchus gaymardi   .- Fiege and ten Hove 1999: 356-362, figs. 1-3.

Spirobranchus cf. gaymardi   .- Bastida-Zavala 2008: 48, fig. 12A-B.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: LEMA-PO174; recordedBy: Beatriz Yáñez-Rivera; individualCount: 2; lifeStage: Adult; Taxon: phylum: Annelida; class: Polychaeta; order: Sabellida; family: Serpulidae; genus: Spirobranchus; Location: higherGeographyID: Pacific Ocean; higherGeography: Tropical Eastern Pacific; continent: America; islandGroup: Islas de Chamela; island: Isla Cocinas; country: México; countryCode: MX; stateProvince: Jalisco; municipality: La Huerta; maximumDepthInMeters: 7; verbatimLatitude: 19°32 ’57’’ N; verbatimLongitude: 105°06 ’27’’ W; Identification: identifiedBy: María Ana Tovar-Hernández; Event: samplingProtocol: Scuba dive; eventDate: June 25, 2013; year: 2013; month: 6; day: 25; habitat: On coral; fieldNumber: Site 16; Record Level: language: Spanish; institutionID: Universidad de Guadalajara; collectionID: Colección Biológica del Laboratorio de Ecosistemas Marinos y Acuicultura; institutionCode: UDG; collectionCode: LEMA GoogleMaps  


Tube with a prominent longitudinal ridge and a robust spine extending over the tube mouth (Fig. 15 View Figure 15 C-D). Entire worms 26-30 mm long, 5-6 mm wide. Operculum calcareous, pinkish, oval-shaped 4 mm x 6 mm. Opercular peduncle with wide wings. Opercular plate with three short spines emerging from a short common stem, with 2-3 secondary spinules on each (Fig. 15 View Figure 15 E-G). Red radioles, in spiral arrangement with six whorls (Fig. 15 View Figure 15 A). Thoracic membrane extends to last thoracic chaetiger, forming a short ventral apron.

Taxon discussion

Widely distributed in Mexican Pacific ( Bastida-Zavala 2008). Bastida-Zavala (2008) reports only three wide spines on the opercular plate of S. cf. gaymardi   in comparison with the five spines in specimens from Bahía de Chamela. Spirobranchus spinosus   Hartman have five spines, but specimens from Bahía de Chamela cannot be attributed to that taxon, based on the following differences: in S. spinosus   , the spines are thinner than in S. cf. gaymardi   ; each spine has 5-8 spinules versus 2-3 spinules in S. cf. gaymardi   ; each spines is separated one from the other, whereas spines emerge from the short common stem in S. cf. gaymardi   . Consequently, the number of spines cannot be used to discern between S. cf. gaymardi   and S. spinosus   as suggested in some taxonomic keys.














Spirobranchus 123gaymardi (de Quatrefages, 1866)

Yanez-Rivera, Beatriz, Tovar-Hernandez, Maria Ana, Galvan-Villa, Cristian Moises & Rios-Jara, Eduardo 2020

Cymospira gaymardi

Quatrefages 1866