Oxypoda rubescans Casey, 1911

Brunke, Adam J., Klimaszewski, Jan, Dorval, Julie-Anne, Bourdon, Caroline, Paiero, Steven M. & Marshall, Stephen A., 2012, New species and distributional records of Aleocharinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Ontario, Canada, with a checklist of recorded species, ZooKeys 186, pp. 119-206: 128

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Oxypoda rubescans Casey, 1911

New Canadian Record

Oxypoda rubescans Casey, 1911   New Canadian Record Figs 1690Map 16

Oxypoda rubescans   Casey 1911: 26-27. Lectotype (male). USA: New York, [Catskill Mts.]; rubescans Casey, Type USNM 39802; Casey bequest 1925; our lectotype designation label, present designation (NMNH) [dissected]

Material examined.

(Type material - see above). CANADA: ON:Northumberland Co., Barr prop., 7 km NE Centreton, site 2, 44°7'48"N, 77°59'3"W, field, malaise pans, 19.v to 1.vi.2011, Brunke & Paiero, 1 (DEBU).


Canada: ON; USA: NY. Native.


This is the first collection of Oxypoda rubescans   since its description based on a male specimen collected in the Catskill Mountains of New York ( Casey 1911). The aedeagus of this species is illustrated for the first time (Fig. 90). This species is similar in habitus to Oxypoda hiemalis   Casey but is immediately differentiated by the elytra, which are longer than the pronotum at suture. Oxypoda rubescans   may be easily recognized by the distinctively shaped median lobe of the aedeagus in lateral view (Fig. 90). To promote nomenclatural stability, we designate a lectotype for this species here.