Amblycerus spondiae, Kingsolver, 1980

Santos, Aluska Tavares Dos & Ribeiro-Costa, Cibele Stramare, 2019, Rearrangements in some species groups of Amblycerus Thunberg, 1815 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) including keys, description of a new species, new host plant and distributional record, Zootaxa 4701 (2), pp. 101-148: 126

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Amblycerus spondiae


The spondiae  group

( Figs 5, 6View FIGURES 1–8, 15–18View FIGURES 15–18, 28–31View FIGURES 28–31, 41–44View FIGURES 41–44, 54–57View FIGURES 54–57, 71–74, 84–87, 103–110, 120, 121)

Species composition: Amblycerus alternatus ( Pic, 1954)  , A. cuernavacensis Romero, Johnson & Kingsolver, 1996  , A. spondiae Kingsolver, 1980  and A. vitis ( Schaeffer, 1907)  .

Diagnosis. The spondiae  group is characterized by the following combination of characters: pronotum entirely covered with coarse punctures ( Figs 54–57View FIGURES 54–57) and elytra with strips of setae. Internal sac in the apical region with a pair of sclerites, median region with a pair of serrate blades at margin and apex and unpaired sclerite ( Figs 103–106View FIGURES 103–106).