Calodromius mayeti (Bedel, 1907)

Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud S., Elgharbawy, Ali A., Rasool, Iftekhar, Nagel, Peter & Aldhafer, Hathal M., 2019, The Carabidae (Coleoptera) of Shada Al-A'Ala Nature Reserve, Southwestern Saudi Arabia, with description of a new species of Paussinae, ZooKeys 812, pp. 93-131: 104-105

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Calodromius mayeti (Bedel, 1907)


Calodromius mayeti (Bedel, 1907)  

Material examined.

825 m: 13.XI.2015, LT, 1♂, 1♀; 15.XI.2015, LT, 1♂, 2♀. 851 m: 15.XI.2015, LT, 1♀. 892 m: 26.I.2015, LT, 1♀; 16.II.2014, LT, 2♂; 13.XI.2015, LT, 1♀. 1,225 m: 20.IV.2014, LT, 2♀; 12.XI.2015, LT, 1♂, 1♀. 1,325 m: 02.III.2015, LT, 1♂, 2♀; 14.XI.2015, LT, 1♂; 17.X.2014, LT, 1♀. 1,474 m: 17.X.2014, LT, 1♀.

General distribution and zoogeography.

AE, DZ, IR, JO ( Nasir and Katbeh-Bader 2017), LY, MA, SA, TN. SAR species.

Published records.

Asir and Riyadh ( Abdel-Dayem et al. 2017, 2018), Baha ( Rasool et al. 2018b), Madinah and Makkah ( Mateu 1986).


A frequent species that was found in Acacia   thorn woodlands during the four seasons of year, but peak populations occurred during autumn. The adults were collected by light trapping and hand picking. Ron Felix identified this species.