Calliphora loewi Enderlein, 1903,

Prado e Castro, Catarina, Szpila, Krzysztof, Martinez-SanchezCarla Rego 4, Anabel, Silva, Isamberto, Serrano, Artur R. M. & Boieiro, Mario, 2016, The blowflies of the Madeira Archipelago: species diversity, distribution and identification (Diptera, Calliphoridaes. l.), ZooKeys 634, pp. 101-123: 104

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Calliphora loewi Enderlein, 1903


Taxon classification Animalia Diptera Calliphoridae

Calliphora loewi Enderlein, 1903  Figs 2J, 3A

Material examined.

Madeira: Galhano 3 (20 females); Montado dos Pessegueiros 2 (1 female); Montado dos Pessegueiros 3 (3 females).


Calliphora loewi  is a carrion-breeder present in the Holarctic and in a small part of the Oriental Region ( Schumann 1986, Verves 2005). It is found in forests of northern and central Europe ( Smith 1986, Byrd and Castner 2010), being common in alpine regions. In North America it is found in Alaska, Canada and in the northern continental United States ( Rognes 1991, Tantawi et al. in press). Throughout its range, this species is generally not found in urban and disturbed areas ( Byrd and Castner 2010). Although widespread, Calliphora loewi  is rarely recorded, and usually in low abundance, in carcasses of large vertebrates, demonstrating a preference for small animal remains ( Szpila et al. 2014). In Madeira, Calliphora loewi  is restricted to a few native forest areas at high altitude (1000-1300 m) (Fig. 1). This species was recently collected for the first time in Madeira ( Prado e Castro et al. 2016).