Paradiopatra calliopae Arvanitidis & Koukouras, 1997,

Faulwetter, Sarah, Simboura, Nomiki, Katsiaras, Nikolaos, Chatzigeorgiou, Giorgos & Arvanitidis, Christos, 2017, Polychaetes of Greece: an updated and annotated checklist, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 20997-20997: 20997

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Paradiopatra calliopae Arvanitidis & Koukouras, 1997


Paradiopatra calliopae Arvanitidis & Koukouras, 1997 


Originally described from Greece by Arvanitidis and Koukouras (1997), mainly based on having equal antennae instead of a longer median one in Paradiopatra bihanica  Intes & Le Loeuff, 1975. Arvanitidis and Koukouras (1997) examined the holotype of Paradiopatra bihanica  but found it to be dried out and the tips of the antennae broken off. Budaeva and Fauchald (2011) considered the holotype to be in good condition and with equal antennae, placing Paradiopatra calliopae  into synonymy with Paradiopatra bihanica  . However, Paxton and Arias (2016), after re-examining the holotype of Paradiopatra bihanica  and specimens of Paradiopatra calliopae  , re-instated the latter as a valid species and doubt the presence of Paradiopatra bihanica  in the Mediterranean. See also notes under Paradiopatra quadricuspis  (M. Sars in G.O. Sars, 1872).