Chanealtica ellimon, Konstantinov, Alexander S., 2016

Konstantinov, Alexander S., 2016, Possible living fossil in Bolivia: A new genus of flea beetles with modified hind legs (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Alticini), ZooKeys 592, pp. 103-120 : 109-111

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Chanealtica ellimon

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Chanealtica ellimon sp. n. Figs 13-18, 19-25


Body length 2.64-3.08 mm. Width 1.51-1.62 mm. Color light ochre with last eight antennomeres and apices of metatibia dark brown.

Proportions of male antennomeres 1-6 as follows: 13:6:7:10:13:13.

Pronotum with lateral margins slightly convex, at base more so than at apex, also narrower at apex than at base. Length to width ratio of first protarsomere of male 1.98.

Median lobe of aedeagus in ventral view relatively narrow, widening relatively gradually (Fig. 19). Apex in ventral view with low, not channeled ridge ending into shallow impression lateral and behind it. Two elongate and shallow impressions situated on sides of apical part of median lobe. Apex in lateral view without distinct sphere, bend ventrally. Spermathecal receptacle with basal part significantly smaller than apical (Fig. 21). Narrow, anterior part of tignum about as long as posterior part (Fig. 24).


This species is named after the type locality.

Material examined.

Holotype male. Labels: 1) Bolivia: Santa Cruz Dept. Cordillera Prov., Mirador, El Limón 845 meters, 19°04'S, 63°28'W 8.XI.2007, leg. A. Konstantinov; 2) Holotype Chanealtica ellimon sp. n. des. A. Konstantinov 2016 (will be deposited at MNKB, currently at USNM). Paratypes with same labels as holotype (3 USNM, 1 MNKB).