Loboscelidia nitidula, Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012

Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012, Review of the odd chrysidid genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Loboscelidiinae), ZooKeys 213, pp. 1-40: 21-22

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Loboscelidia nitidula

sp. n.

Loboscelidia nitidula  ZBK  sp. n. Figures 3244

Type material.

Holotype male: Thailand, Petchaburi Prov., Nam Nao NP, 16°43'687"N, 101°33'754"E, 924 m, MT, 5-12/v/2007, N. Hongyothi, T2656 (QSBG). Paratypes (21 males): 1 male: Kaeng Krachan NP, 16/road/stream, 12°48'189"N, 99°26'62"E, MT, 11-18/iii/2009, Sirichai & Prasit, T4685; 1 male: 12°50'177"N, 99°20'688"E, MT, 735 m, 27/xi-4/xii/2008, Sirichai, T4395; 2 males: Chang Mai Prov., Doi Inthanon NP, 7-12/v/1990, E. Fuller, MT; 1 male: Chiangdao NP, Huai Na Lao, 19°24'731"N, 98°55'315"E, 500 m, YPT, 6-7/v/2008, Jugsu & Watwanich, T5808; 1 male: Sakon Nakhon Prov., Phu Phan NP, 14/vii/2006, 17°03'543"N, 103°58'452"E, MT 8-W, Kongnara, T197; 2 males: 17°03'543"N, 103°58'452"E, MT, 15-21/vii/2006, MT, S. Tongboonchai, T200; 3 males: 17°03'488"N, 103°58'497"E, MT, 15-21/vii/2006, MT, S. Tongboonchai, T 205; 1 male: Nong Bua Prov., Lam Poo Phu Kao Phu, Phan Kham Nat. Pk., 16°49'N, 102°37'E, 208 m, 27/vii-2/viii/2006, MT, R. Singhatip, T85; 1 male: Nakhon Si Prov., Thammarat, Namtok Yong NP, 17°10'434"N, 99°44'508"E, 80 m, MT, 16-23/viii/2008, K. Uprai, T3548; 2 males: Kanchanaburi Prov., Khuean Srinagarindra NP, Huay Mae Kamint, 14°38'312"N, 98°5'643"E, 210 m, MT, 13-20/xi/2008, Somboon & Daorueng, T4424/4423; 1 male: Erawan NP, 100 m, 5/vii/1990, J. Heraty, 90/115; 1 male: Loei Prov., Phu Kradeung NP, 16°49'01"N, 101°47'62"E, 276 m, MT, 14-21/v/2008, T. Phatai, T5011; 1 male: Trang Prov., Nayong, 7 m, 20/ii/2005, 7°33'04"N, 99°49'37"E, MT, D. Lohman; 1 male: Khao Chong Mt. 75 m, 28/iv-2/v/2005, 7°33'38"N, 99°47'369"E, MT; 1 male: Khao Chong Mt. 75 m, x/2005, 7°33'38"N, 99°47'369"E, MT; 1 male: near Nam Tock Ton Prov., Khoa Chong Mt., 140 m, ii/2005, 7°32'15"N, 99°47'36"E, MT, D. Lohman (QSBG, BME, CNC).


Four Loboscelidia  species have a flattened cervical extension, including brunnea, maculipennis and Loboscelidia nitidula  . Of these four Loboscelidia nitidula  can be distinguished by presence of a scrobal sulcus, a medial metanotal ridge and a large foretibial flange (flange absent in the other species).

Male description.

Body length 2.0-2.5 mm; forewing length 2.5-3.0 mm. Head: length 1.6 × height in side view; eye asetose; frontal projection rectangular in front view; frons smooth, not microstriate; vertex without transverse fovea, posterior expansion convex in profile; frons with ridge extending from vertex along inner eye margin; gena without scale-like setae; scape striate, length 2.7 breadth; flagellomere I length 1.7 × breadth; flagellomere II length 1.8 × breadth; flagellomere XI length 5 × breadth. Mesosoma: pronotal length 0.8 × breadth, with fold between dorsal and lateral surfaces, as wide as head width in dorsal view; scutum with notauli reaching posterior margin; scutellum with fine dense striae laterally; metanotum with medial longitudinal striae, impunctate laterally, 0.5 × as long as scutellum; mesopleuron with scrobal sulcus; propodeum without transverse dorsal carina; legs (Fig. 44) smooth polished; forefemoral flange 0.7 × femur length, flange maximum width 0.8 × width of tubular part of femur; foretibial flange 0.9 × femur length, flange maximum width as wide as tubular part of tibia; midfemoral flange 0.7 × femur length, flange maximum width 0.7 × width of tubular part of femur; midtibial flange 0.8 × femur length, flange maximum width 1.2 × width of tubular part of tibia; hindfemoral flange as long as femur, flange maximum width 1.2 × width of tubular part of femur; hindtibial flange as long as femur, flange maximum width 1.6 × width of tubular part of tibia; hindtibia with two longitudinal carinae on posterior margin; hindcoxa without longitudinal carina on inner medial surface; forewing (Fig. 32) R1 length 0.7 × R length; cu-a length 0.6 × R length; Rs length 2.9 × R length; Cu+M length 0.6 × A length; medial vein submedially curved. Color: body brown to reddish brown; wing membrane brown-tinted, darkest medially, lightest along vein remnants.


The species name, Loboscelidia nitidula  , is Latin for shiny/polished (f.).