Orthotrichus cymindoides (Dejean, 1831),

Assmann, Thorsten, Boutaud, Esteve, Buse, Joern, Drees, Claudia, Friedman, Ariel-Leib-Leonid, Harry, Ingmar, Khoury, Fares, Orbach, Eylon, Renan, Ittai, Schmidt, Constantin, Schmidt, Kilian, Wrase, David W. & Zumstein, Pascale, 2021, The ground beetle tribe Platynini Bonelli, 1810 (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the southern Levant: dichotomous and interactive identification tools, ecological traits, and distribution, ZooKeys 1044, pp. 449-478: 449

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Orthotrichus cymindoides (Dejean, 1831)


Orthotrichus cymindoides (Dejean, 1831) 

Dispersal power.

Fully winged (n = 4).


In Pakistan, in thorn scrub forests ( Ullah 2017).


In Saudi Arabia, from November to May ( Abdel-Dayem et al. 2017).

Distribution range.

From Egypt to Iran and Pakistan ( Schmidt 2017; Ullah 2017).

Distribution in the southern Levant.

Known from Egypt, incl. Sinai ( Schatzmayr 1936; Alfieri 1976; Abdel-Dayem 2004) and Syria ( Schmidt 2017).