Habrocerus splendens ASSING , 2008

Assing, V., 2014, A revision of the Habrocerinae of the world. V. A new species of Habrocerus from China and additional records (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 46 (2), pp. 1217-1227 : 1221

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.5308746

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Habrocerus splendens ASSING , 2008


Habrocerus splendens ASSING, 2008 View in CoL ( Map 1 View Map 1 )

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: China: Y u n n a n: 6exs.,DaliBaiAut. Pref., WunliangShan , 20 km NW Weishan, 25°20'N, 100°08'E, 1900 m, creek valley, litter and old flood debris sifted, 17.IX.2009, leg. Schülke (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 5 exs. [1 ex. teneral], Baoshan Pref., Gaoligong Shan , 32 km SE Tengchong, W pass, 24°51'N, 98°51'E, 1600 m, degraded primary forest, litter and mushrooms sifted, 28.VIII.2009, leg. Schülke (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 3 exs., Baoshan Pref., Gaoligong Shan , 65 km NNE Tengchong, 25°35'N, 98°40'E, 1750 m, mixed secondary forest, moss and litter sifted, 27.& 31.VIII.2009, leg. Schülke & Wrase (cSch) GoogleMaps ; 2 exs., Baoshan Pref., 10 km SE Kambaiti pass, 45 km NW Tengchong, 24°21'N, 98°14'E, 1700-1800 m, primary forest, litter and mushrooms sifted, 29.VIII.2009, leg. Schülke & Wrase (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 14 exs., Lincang Pref., Bangma Shan, 20 km NW Lincang, 23°58'N, 99°55'E, 2210 m, bank of reservoir, degraded forest, litter and fern sifted, 9.IX.2009, leg. Schülke (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 4 exs., Nujiang Lisu Aut. Pref., Gongshan Co., Gaoligong Shan , creek valley 17 km N Gongshan, 27°55'N, 98°40'E, 1525-1600 m, 20. VI.2005, leg. Smetana (cSme, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 6 exs. [partly teneral], mountain W Xundian , 25°35'N, 103°09'E, 2300 m, mixed forest with alder, pine, shrub undergrowth, litter, twigs, and roots of herbs sifted, 15.VIII.2014, leg. Assing (cAss, MNHUB) GoogleMaps ; 4 exs. [partly teneral], mountain NW Wuding , 25°37'N, 102°19'E, 2190 m, degraded mixed forest with alder, oak, and pine, litter, mushrooms, and dead wood sifted, 17.VIII.2014, leg. Assing (cAss, MNHUB) GoogleMaps ; 1 ex., mountains S Jianshui , 23°25'N, 102°51'E, 1890 m, subtropical broad-leaved forest, litter sifted, 22.VIII.2014, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 35 exs. [partly teneral], mountain W Gejiu , 23°24'N, 103°07'E, 1990 m, mixed forest, litter and various debris sifted, 23.VIII.2014, leg. Assing (cAss, MNHUB) GoogleMaps ; 9 exs. [partly teneral], same data, but 24.VIII.2014 (cAss, MNHUB) GoogleMaps ; 8 exs. [partly teneral], same data, but 25.VIII.2014 (cAss, MNHUB). Additional uncounted and unmounted material collected by Michael Schülke (together with the author) in the localities in eastern Yunnan in 2014 is deposited in cSch GoogleMaps .

C o m m e n t: The original description of H. splendens is based on four specimens from two localities situated to the south of Tengchong in western Yunnan ( ASSING 2008). The above records reveal that the species is rather common and widespread in Yunnan. It does not seem unlikely that it may eventually be found also in adjacent Chinese provinces, as well as in Burma and Vietnam. The currently known distribution is illustrated in Map 1 View Map 1 .

Interestingly, the number of spines in the internal sac of the aedeagus appears to be remarkably variable.


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