Liquidambar multinervis (Cheng) Ickert-Bond & J. Wen

Ickert-Bond, Stefanie M. & Wen, Jun, 2013, A taxonomic synopsis of Altingiaceae with nine new combinations, PhytoKeys 31, pp. 21-61: 34

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Liquidambar multinervis (Cheng) Ickert-Bond & J. Wen

comb. nov.

9. Liquidambar multinervis (Cheng) Ickert-Bond & J. Wen   comb. nov. Basionym: Altingia multinervis   Cheng, in Notes For. Inst. Nat. Centr. Univ. Nanking, Dendrol. Ser., No. 1, 3 1947. TYPE. CHINA: Guizhou: Chishui, Tiantaishan, 29 Oct 1938, P.C. Tsoong 256 (holotype, N seen as photo!; isotype, SYS 72729!).


Specimens of Liquidambar multinervis   show long-petioled papery leaves, with 10 lateral veins, and serrate margin, closely resembling Liquidambar siamensis   or Liquidambar excelsa   . Broken infructescences of the specimen at N suggest few fruits per infructescence, thus underscoring the closeness to Liquidambar siamensis   , while Cheng (1947) described its close affinity with Liquidambar yunnanensis   . This species is poorly understood, we have only seen the type collection that consists of a branch with multiple leaves and a crushed infructescence. The distributional discontinuity of Liquidambar multinervis   in N Guizhou from those of Liquidambar siamensis   and Liquidambar excelsa   much further south may warrant specific status, but more material is needed. N Guizhou is not well explored botanically and with more exploration of this area, we might be able to better characterize this taxon in the future.


China, N Guizhou.