Sphaerosyllis glandulata Perkins, 1981,

Faulwetter, Sarah, Chatzigeorgiou, Georgios, Galil, Bella S. & Arvanitidis, Christos, 2011, An account of the taxonomy and distribution of Syllidae (Annelida, Polychaetes) in the eastern Mediterranean, with notes on the genus Prosphaerosyllis San Martin, 1984 in the Mediterranean, ZooKeys 150, pp. 281-326: 291

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Sphaerosyllis glandulata Perkins, 1981


Sphaerosyllis glandulata Perkins, 1981 

Sphaerosyllis glandulata  Perkins, 1981: 1123, figs 18-19; Uebelacker 1984: 33, figs 25-26; San Martín 1991a: 232; 2003: 193, fig. 100; Men et al. 1993: 31, fig. 8; Somaschini and San Martín 1994: 361, fig. 3; Çinar 1999: 152, fig. 4.53; San Martín and Bone 2001: 613.

Sphaerosyllis  cf. glandulata: Ding and Westheide 2008: 131, figs. 5 a–h.

Material examined.

Haifa Bay, Israel: ALA-IL-7 (1 ind.) [coll. 31.5.2009]; ALA-IL-7 (47 ind.), ALA-IL-10 (19 ind.) [coll. 11.10.2009]. Elounda, Crete, Greece: CELA-15d-08 (1 ind.) [coll. 12.6.2008].

Type locality.

Florida, Hutchinson Island.


West Atlantic (Florida, Caribbean Sea), China ( Ding and Westheide 2008) Mediterranean Sea: WB, AD, AS, LB ( Abd-Elnaby and San Martín 2010). New record for both the Israeli and Greek coasts.


Until 120 m depth, in calcareous habitats and fine to coarse sands, among photophilic algae.


The specimens from Israel differ from San Martín’s (2003) description in having papillated palps and a longer proventriculum (3-4 chaetigers vs 2 chaetigers in the Iberian material). Other characteristics, especially chaetal ones, agree well with former descriptions of Sphaerosyllis glandulata  .