Pareiorhaphis sp.

dos Santos, Sergio Alexandre & de Britto, Marcelo Ribeiro, 2021, The ichthyofauna of a poorly known area in the middle-southern Espinhaco mountain range, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil: diagnostics and identification keys, ZooKeys 1054, pp. 25-66 : 25

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Pareiorhaphis sp.


Pareiorhaphis sp.


Upper rio Paraúna, rio São Francisco basin.


Pareiorhaphis sp. differs from Pareiorhaphis scutula by the abdomen without plates; from P. scutula and P. vetula by the pectoral, pelvic and anal fins with clear color; dark caudal with clear borders. Pareiorhaphis sp. can still be distinguished from Pareiorhaphis vetula by inferior lip with developed maxillary barbels; urogenital papilla with normal size, not elongated.


In this study, we refer Pareiorhaphis sp. such as a putative new species from the rio Doce basin, due to differences in morphology between this species and another from rio Doce basin such as P. nasuta , and P. proskynita .