Cancrion Giard & Bonnier, 1887,

Oanh, Le Thi Kieu & Boyko, Christopher B., 2020, Cancrion khanhensis sp. nov. (Crustacea: Isopoda: Entoniscidae) infesting Monomia haanii (Stimpson, 1858) (Crustacea: Brachyura: Portunidae) from Nha Trang Bay, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, with remark, Zootaxa 4894 (3), pp. 366-386: 367-368

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Cancrion Giard & Bonnier, 1887


Genus Cancrion Giard & Bonnier, 1887 

Type species: Cancrion miser Giard & Bonnier, 1887  ; subsequent designation by McDermott et al. (2019).

Diagnosis. Female with dorsal ovarian processes, ventral processes lacking; second pair of oostegites covering basal part of first pair. Pleural lamellae on pleomeres 1 and 2 complex, complex or simple in pleomeres 3 and 4. Pleon of male without ventromedial spines. Pereopod 6 of epicaridium larva much longer than other pereopods, distodorsal margin of propodus with well-developed flange-like process. Cryptoniscus larva with 7 pairs of isomorphic pereopods.

Remarks. As discussed more in the Remarks section for the new species, the genus Cancrion  is possibly paraphyletic; not all life history stages are known for all species and no larval stages are known for the type species. The diagnosis given above applies to most of the species for which larval stages are known.