Haploblepharus Garman 1913

Brett A. Human & Leonard J. V. Compagno, 2006, Description of Haploblepharus kistnasamyi, a new catshark (Chondrichthyes: Scyliorhinidae) from South Africa., Zootaxa 1318, pp. 41-58: 43-44

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Haploblepharus Garman 1913


Genus Haploblepharus Garman 1913   ZBK  

Genus Haploblepharus   ZBK   , Garman 1913: 101. Type species: Haploblepharus edwardsii Garman, 1913   , by monotypy, equals Scyllium edwardsii Voigt 1832   and Squalus edwardsii Schinz 1822   ZBK   .

Definitions of this genus are in Garman (1913), Springer (1979), and Compagno (1984b, 1988). These are easily recognized, stocky broad-headed scyliorhinids with greatly expanded anterior nasal flaps that reach the mouth and are connected medially to form a straight-edged nasal curtain as in many batoids; broad nasoral grooves connecting the nostrils and mouth; dorsolateral gill slits; a moderate-sized anal fin about as large as the equal-sized dorsal fins; and no supraorbital crests on the chondrocranium.