Bothriurus, MONOPHYLY

Vrech, David E., Peretti, Alfredo V. & Mattoni, Camilo I., 2011, Sperm package morphology in scorpions and its relation to phylogeny, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 161 (3), pp. 463-483: 477

publication ID 10.1111/j.1096-3642.2010.00647.x

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Our results support a nonmonophyletic genus Bothriurus   as suggested by Prendini (2000, 2003), Mattoni (2003), and Mattoni & Prendini (2007). Four different groups can be recognized in the analysed species of this genus. The first is composed of members of the Bothriurus   subgenus ( Bo. araguayae   , Bo. bonariensis   , and Bo. chacoensis   ) with packages that are either thick and straight or slim and coiled anteriorly. Another group is formed by Bo. bocki   and Bo. inermis   , with packages similar to those of Timogenes   and Vachonia   . The remaining Bothriurus species   (subgenus Andibothriurus   ) are characterized by cane-like sperm packages. Bothriurus   from the Bo. rochai   group and Bo. asper   (both belonging to the Bothriurus   subgenus) have loosely aggregated spermatozoa and do not show ordered sperm packages.