Calycomyza promissa (Frick)

Lonsdale, Owen, 2021, Manual of North American Agromyzidae (Diptera, Schizophora), with revision of the fauna of the " Delmarva " states, ZooKeys 1051, pp. 1-481: 1

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Calycomyza promissa (Frick)


Calycomyza promissa (Frick)  

Figs 480-483 View Figures 480–489

Phytobia (Calycomyza) jucunda   . Misidentification, in part. Frick 1952a: 395.

Phytobia (Calycomyza) promissa   Frick, 1956: 287.

Calycomyza promissa   . Spencer, 1969: 153; Spencer and Steyskal 1986b: 143; Scheffer and Lonsdale 2018: 86; Eiseman and Lonsdale 2018: 35.


Wing length 1.8-2.1 mm (♂), 2.3-2.6 mm (♀). Length of ultimate section of vein M4 divided by penultimate section: 2.1-2.6. Eye height divided by gena height: 5.0-5.9. First flagellomere circular (one female with angulate segment reported in Spencer 1969). Thorax with light pruinosity.

Chaetotaxy: Two ori; two ors. Ocellar seta stout and straight, with length ranging from that of tubercle to that of postocellar. Two large, well-developed dorsocentrals posteriorly, third dorsocentral 1/2-4/5 length of second dorsocentral, fourth dorsocentral sutural and barely larger than surrounding setule. Six rows of acrostichal setulae. Usually two posteromedial setae on mid tibia, sometimes one.

Colouration: Setae dark brown. Head yellow with back of head, clypeus, palpus, ocellar tubercle and antenna dark brown; male frons brownish in posterolateral corner to just past posterior ors along fronto-orbital plate, female with posterolateral spot extending to midpoint between vertical setae and ocellar tubercle, distant from base of posterior ors; posteroventral margin of gena brown. Thorax dark brown with postpronotum (excluding dark anteromedial spot confluent with margin), notopleuron (excluding dark elongate sublateral spot) and small anterolateral spot behind suture yellow. Calypter white. Halter white. Legs and abdomen dark brown.

Genitalia: (Figs 480-483 View Figures 480–489 ) Epandrium and surstylus with dense patch of tubercle-like setae on inner-distal margin. Hypandrium with two setae on inner lobe. Postgonite bare and simple with broadly rounded medial process. Basiphallus sclerotised along apical and left lateral margins. Paraphallus narrow, pointed, exclinate. Hypophallus broad and ill-defined with J-shaped medial sclerite. Mesophallus short, wide, and broadly rounded. Distiphallus with outer cover pale, bulging medially and with slight apical flare, and inner process small, broad, and short-haired. Ejaculatory apodeme very broad, well-sclerotised, stem short, base confluent with sclerotised base of duct and margin of sperm pump.


Asteraceae  - Symphotrichum   ; possibly also Ampelaster   ( Eiseman and Lonsdale 2018).


Canada: MB, ON. USA: CA, CO, DE*, FL (leaf mines and females), KS*, LA, MA, MI*, NC, NY, OK. Widespread from southern Canada to FL and CA ( Spencer 1990).

Type material.

Holotype: USA. CA: Alameda Co., Albany, 28.ix.1948, K.E. Frick, reared from a larva mining a leaf of Aster chilensis   (1♂, USNM).

Paratype: USA. CA: Alameda Co., Albany, K.E. Frick, reared from a larva mining a leaf of Aster chilensis   , 21.vii.1948 (1♂, USNM), 28.viii.1948 (1♂ 1♀, USNM).

Additional material examined.

Canada. MB: Aweme, N. Criddle, 27.viii.1917, CNC391562 (1♂, CNC), 28.viii.1917, CNC391563 (1♀, CNC)   , USA. CO: Park Co., High Creek Fen , 13.vii.2015, C.S. Eiseman, Symphotrichum cf. lanceolatum   em. 25.vii.2015, #CSE1828, CNC564673 (1♂, CNC), Larimer Co. , Estes Park, 1.ix.2015, N.D. Charney, Symphyotrichum   , #CSE2041, CNC654334 (1♂, CNC), DE: Newark, 31.v.1974 (1♂, USNM), KS: Manhattan, D.A. Wilbur, 24.x.1930 (1♂, USNM), LA: Alexandria, 11 mi SW, J.G. Chillcott, 21.iii.1960, CNC391564, CNC391565 (2♂, CNC), MA: Berkshire Co. , Stockbridge, Agawam Lake , 14.viii.2017, em. 20.viii.2017, C.S. Eiseman, ex Symphyotrichum puniceum   , #CSE4152, CNC939711 (1♀, CNC), Franklin Co. , Northfield, 276 Old Wendell Rd. , 4.viii.2017, em. 10.viii.2017, C.S. Eiseman, ex Symphyotrichum lateriflorum   , #CSE4101, CNC939663 (1♂, CNC), MI: Midland,, C.W. Sabrosky (1♂, USNM), NC: Durham Co. , Durham, 20.v.2015, T.S. Feldman, Symphotrichum   , em. by 25.v.2015, #CSE1581, CNC564611, CNC564612 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), Scotland Co. , Laurinburg, St. Andrews University , 15.v.2015, T.S. Feldman, Symphotrichum   , em. v.2015, #CSE1563, CNC564633 (1♂, CNC), 17.viii.2015, T.S. Feldman, Symphotrichum cf. pilosum   , em. 18.viii.2015, #CSE2122, CNC564666 (1♀, CNC), Scotland Co. , Laurinburg, St. Andrews University , 11.v.2016, T.S. Feldman, Symphyotrichum pilosum   , em. 18.v.2016, #CSE2469, CNC653957 (1♀, CNC), 15.ix.2015, T.S. Feldman and C.S. Eiseman, Symphyotrichum cf. pilosum   , em. 24-28.ix.2015, #CSE2098, CNC653942, CNC653943 (2♂, CNC), x.2015, T.S. Feldman, Symphyotrichum   , em. by xi.2015, #CSE2160, CNC653937 (1♀, CNC), OK: Payne Co. , Mehan, 23.iii.2016, M.W. Palmer, Symphyotrichum drummondii   , em. by iv.2016, #CSE2657, CNC653987 (1♂, CNC), 24.iii.2016, M.W. Palmer, Symphyotrichum oolentangiensis   , em. 30.iii.2016, #CSE2659, CNC653995 (1♀, CNC), Payne Co., Mehan, 36°0'51.62"N, 96°59'48.28"W,, M.W. Palmer, Symphyotrichum ericoides   , em. by, #CSE2596, CNC634974, CNC634975 (2♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   .

Tentatively identified material.

USA. FL: Lake Co., Alexander Springs , 26.iii.2013, em. 12-18.iv.2013, C.S. Eiseman, ex Ampelaster carolinianus   , #CSE270, CNC384821-384824 (4♀, CNC)   .














Calycomyza promissa (Frick)

Lonsdale, Owen 2021

Phytobia (Calycomyza) promissa

Frick 1956

Phytobia (Calycomyza) jucunda

Frick 1952