Pediculaster mesembrinae ( Canestrini, 1881 ),

Kontschán, Jenő & Hornok, Sándor, 2019, New records, a completed list and identification key of mites (Acari) associated with the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae), Acarologia 59 (1), pp. 3-11: 7

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Pediculaster mesembrinae ( Canestrini, 1881 )


Pediculaster mesembrinae ( Canestrini, 1881) 

Distinguishing characters of the phoretomorphic female. First sternal plates with 6-6 setae. Setae e shorter than setae f, setae ps2 two times longer than setae ps1 and ps3 ( Figure 2View Figure 2, A & B).

Notes. This mite  species was recorded from stable flies ( McGarry & Baker 1997) in the UK. Pediculaster mesembrinae  occurs in places where dung or dung inhabiting flies are found ( Mahunka 1972). This species is not parasitic on stable flies, and similarly to the previously mentioned two species, uses them only for transportation.