Uropodidae Kramer, 1881, Kramer, 1881

Halliday, R. B., 2016, Catalogue of families and their type genera in the mite suborder Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata), Zootaxa 4061 (4), pp. 347-366: 359

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Uropodidae Kramer, 1881


Uropodidae Kramer, 1881  

Uropodina Kramer, 1881: 641.

Type genus Uropoda Latreille, 1806   , by inference from the family name.

Notes. Kramer (1881, page 641) referred to a taxon called Uropodina, which included the genera Uropoda   de Geer and Trachynotus Kramer. On   the following page he said that the Uropodina may be divided into two tribes, depending on the presence or absence of claws on leg I. This makes it clear that he was referring to Uropodina as a family-group taxon. He was mistaken about the authorship of the genus Uropoda   .

Various authors have referred to taxa with names such as " Uropodidae Berlese, 1892   ", " Uropodidae Berlese, 1900   ", " Uropodidae Berlese, 1910   ", "Uropodini Berlese, 1917 ", "Uropodoidea Evans, 1957 ", or "Uropodinae Hirschmann & Zirngiebl-Nicol, 1962 ", but none of these is correct. According to the Principle of Coordination ( ICZN Article 36.1), the author of all these names is Kramer (1881).