Pseudonereis gallapagensis Kinberg, 1865

Tasso, Vicente, El Haddad, Mustapha, Assadi, Carolina, Canales, Remy, Aguirre, Luis & Velez-Zuazo, Ximena, 2018, Macrobenthic fauna from an upwelling coastal area of Peru (Warm Temperate South-eastern Pacific province - Humboldtian ecoregion), Biodiversity Data Journal 6, pp. 28937-28937: 28937

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Pseudonereis gallapagensis Kinberg, 1865


Pseudonereis gallapagensis Kinberg, 1865  


Material examined: Fig. 2. Prostomium with entire anterior margin, wider than long. The dorsal part of the body presents a greenish-brown colour, including the prostomium and palps. One apodous anterior segment, greater than length of chaetiger 1. Tentacular cirri with distinct cirrophores, longest tentacular cirri extend back to chaetiger 3-4. The paragnath distribution: area I: 1 conical paragnath; area II: about 17-20 bar paragnaths in four rows; area III: Numerous paragnaths distributed in 4 rows; area IV: about 40-50 bar paragnaths in 4 rows, around 15 cones towards jaws and 2-4 bars next to the jaws, area V: 1 conical paragnath; area VI: 1 large triangular shield-shaped bar present; area VII and VIII: about 18-20 in two rows, anterior row with cones, posterior with bars, forming a single band of paragnaths. First two parapodia uniramous, all others biramous. Long dorsal cirrus, located at the distal end of the dorsal lobe of the notopodium from the posterior third of the body. Types of substrate: hard bottom. Depth / bathymetric range: 0-10 m. Station code: D1(0, 5, 10); D2(0); D3(0, 10); D4(0, 5, 10); D5(0).