Phyllopsora cinchonarum ( Fee ) Timdal

Kistenich, Sonja, Bendiksby, Mika, Vairappan, Charles S., Weerakoon, Gothamie, Wijesundara, Siril, Wolseley, Patricia A. & Timdal, Einar, 2019, A regional study of the genus Phyllopsora (Ramalinaceae) in Asia and Melanesia, MycoKeys 53, pp. 23-72: 23

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Phyllopsora cinchonarum ( Fee ) Timdal


Phyllopsora cinchonarum ( Fee) Timdal  


Brako (1989, as Squamacidia janeirensis   ), Timdal (2008b), Elix (2009, as Triclinum cinchonarum   ).


Central and South America ( Brako 1989; Timdal 2008b), Asia, Australia ( Elix 2009).


The species is recognized by the squamulose thallus on a white prothallus, long isidia, and the presence of lobaric acid (Fig. 3C). Several additional compounds are reported, for example atranorin, fumarprotocetraric acid, and a scarlet pigment. In our Asian material, we have encountered only lobaric acid (always major), atranorin (minor to absent), and some unknown compounds (minor to absent). It is the phylogenetic sister to the Neotropical P. concinna   (Fig. 1).