Tachyura biblis (Britton, 1948)

Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud S., Elgharbawy, Ali A., Rasool, Iftekhar, Nagel, Peter & Aldhafer, Hathal M., 2019, The Carabidae (Coleoptera) of Shada Al-A'Ala Nature Reserve, Southwestern Saudi Arabia, with description of a new species of Paussinae, ZooKeys 812, pp. 93-131: 120

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Tachyura biblis (Britton, 1948)


Tachyura biblis (Britton, 1948)  

Material examined.

471 m: 03.III.2015, LT, 3 exs. 963 m: 03.XI.2013, HP, 1 ex. 1225 m, 02.III.2015, LT, 6 exs; 05.V.2015, LT, 2 exs. 1,325 m: 27.I.2015, LT, 2 exs; 02.III.2015, LT, 24 exs; 21.IV.2014, LT, 2 exs; 05.V.2015, LT, 19 exs; 23.VIII.2014, LT, 1 ex. 1,474 m: 27.I.2015, LT, 1 ex; 02.III.2015, LT, 14 exs; 05.V.2015, LT, 8 exs. 1,563 m: 02.III.2015, LT, 3 exs; 05.V.2015, LT, 6 exs. 1,611 m: 02.III.2015, LT, 2 exs; 21.IV.2014, LT, 1 ex; 05.V.2015, LT, 3 exs; 03.VI.2014, SW, 1 ex; 27.VII.2015, LT, 1 ex. 1,666 m: 05.V.2015, LT, 1 ex; 27.VII.2015, LT, 1 ex; 17.X.2014, LT, 1 ex.

General distribution and zoogeography.

AE, DJ, DZ, IR, MR, NE, SA, TD, YE. AFR_SAR species.

Published records.

Asir ( Abdel-Dayem et al. 2018), Riyadh (Basilewsky 1979).


A common species, which was collected during all seasons of the year with the peak reached during winter (March). The adults were collected from both major plant communities in the SANR and from a wide altitudinal range (471-1666 m). Mahmoud Abdel-Dayem identified this species.