Pachybrachis conformis, Suffrian, 1852

Barney, Robert J., 2016, PachybrachisChevrolat (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cryptocephalinae) Endemic to Florida, Including Descriptions of Four New Species, The Coleopterists Bulletin 70 (1), pp. 31-52 : 31-52

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Pachybrachis conformis


Pachybrachis conformis

Specimens Examined. Neotype + 82: USA: FLORIDA: Highlands Co., Archbold Biological Station, 23.x.2000, V. Goila [2♂♂ 6♀♀, BYUC]; same data, except, ex. Dalea feayi , N27.18727 W 081.35711, M. Deyrup [1♀, ARCH]; same data, except 29.iii.2012, ex. Dalea feayi no flowers [1♀, ARCH]; Archbold Biological Station , RD. 138 power line, 22.viii.2012, ex. Dalea feayi, M. Deyrup [4♂♂ 3♀♀, ARCH]; Carter Creek North, 3.v.2010, ex. Dalea feayi, M. Deyrup [3♂♂ 1♀, ARCH]; Flamingo Villas Preserve, 23.iv.2010, ex. Dalea feayi, FL scrub habitat, site 5, N27.45147 W081.38535, M. Deyrup [1♀, ARCH]; Sebring, Central Ave. , 10.vii.1990, R. Morris [1♂ 2♀♀, UGCA]; same data, except 24.iii.1994 [1♀, UGCA]; same data, except 24.vii.1999, Wappes & Morris [1♀, USNM]; Hillsborough Co. , Tampa, 4.iv [1 unknown, MCZ- LEC]; same data, except 5.iv [3 unknown, MCZ- HORN]; same data, except 14.iv [3 unknown, MCZ-LEC]; same data, except 27.iii, Hubbard & Schwarz [1♀, Fall 1915 Revis, USNM]; same data, except 4.iv [1♀, Fall 1915 Revis, USNM]; same data, except 15.iv [6♂♂ 4♀♀, 1♂ neotype, USNM]; Marion Co. , 14.viii.1957, ex. Petalostemon sp. , H. A. Denmark [15♂♂ 10♀♀, FSCA]; Polk Co. , Tiger Creek Preserve, Babson Park, NE of Pfundstein Road, 3.iv.2007, ex. sandhill xeric oak hammock, Malaise trap, B. Pace-Aldana & A. Peterson [2♂♂ 2♀♀, UCFC]; Seminole Co. , Lake Mary , Griffith [1♂ 1♀, OSUC]; Volusia Co. , Daytona Beach, 6.iv.1968, F. W. Mead [1♂, FSCA]; Enterprise, C. Schaeffer [4♂♂ 4♀♀, USNM]; same data, except 15.iv, P. Laurent [1♀, ANSP]; same data, except 17.iv, Liebeck Collection [1♂, MCZ; 1♀, MCZ-FALL]. GoogleMaps



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Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


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