Microlestes discoidalis (Fairmaire, 1892),

Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud S., Elgharbawy, Ali A., Rasool, Iftekhar, Nagel, Peter & Aldhafer, Hathal M., 2019, The Carabidae (Coleoptera) of Shada Al-A'Ala Nature Reserve, Southwestern Saudi Arabia, with description of a new species of Paussinae, ZooKeys 812, pp. 93-131: 108-109

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Microlestes discoidalis (Fairmaire, 1892)


Microlestes discoidalis (Fairmaire, 1892) 

Material examined.

825 m: 13.XI.2015, LT, 1♂; 15.XI.2015, LT, 1♂. 851 m: 15.XI.2015, LT, 2♂, 1♀; 892 m: 26.I.2015, LT, 2♂, 1♀; 15.II.2014, LT, 3♂, 8♀; 23.IV.2014, LT, 1♂; 1,563 m: 21.IV.2014, LT, 2♂. 1,611 m: 02.IX.2015, LT, 1♂, 2♀.

General distribution and zoogeography.

AE, AF, BD, CD, CV, DJ, ER, ET, IL, IN, IR, JO ( Nasir and Katbeh-Bader 2017), KE, MR, NE, OM, SA, SD, SO, TD, TR, TZ, YE. AFR_ORR_SAR species.

Published records.

Asir, Baha, Jizan and Riyadh ( Abdel-Dayem et al. 2017; 2018; Rasool et al. 2018b), Makkah (Britton 1948; Mateu 1986).


A frequent species that was collected during all seasons of the year with more individuals during the winter collecting dates. Iftekhar Rasool, Mahmoud Abdel-Dayem and Ron Felix identified this species.