ZOPHERIDAE, Solier, 1834

Robert H. Turnbow, Jr. & Thomas, Michael C., 2008, An annotated checklist of the Coleoptera (Insecta) of the Bahamas, Insecta Mundi 2008 (34), pp. 1-64: 58-59

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Aspathines aeneus Thomson  

ANDROS: Bowen Sound (FSCA; RHTC); Cactus Coppice (RHTC); Cargill Creek (RHTC); Forfar Field Station (FSCA; RHTC); Maidenhair Coppice (FSCA; RHTC); Mastic Point (RHTC); Nicholls Town (RHTC); 1-2 mi. S London Creek (FSCA; RHTC); 1-2 mi. W Stafford Creek (FSCA; RHTC); Owens Town (RHTC); Stafford Creek (RHTC); Uncle Charlie’s Blue Hole (RHTC); ELEUTHERA: Rainbow Bay (FSCA); GREAT INAGUA: Salt Pond Hill (RHTC); South Bay road (RHTC)

Aulonium tuberculatum LeConte  

ANDROS: Maidenhair Coppice (FSCA)

Bitoma discolor Sharp  

ANDROS: Behring Point (FSCA); Forfar Field Station (FSCA; RHTC); NEW PROVIDENCE: Carmichael area (USNM)

Bitoma   sp.

NEW PROVIDENCE: Carmichael area (USNM)

Colydium thomasi Stephan  

ANDROS: Forfar Field Station (RHTC)

Endeitoma granulata (Say)  

ANDROS: Atala Coppice (RHTC); Cargill Creek (RHTC); Forfar Field Station (FSCA); Maidenhair Coppice (FSCA; RHTC)

Endeitoma   sp.

ANDROS: Cargill Creek (FSCA); Maidenhair Coppice (FSCA)

Hyporhagus marginatus (Fabricius)  

GREAT INAGUA: 2-3 mi. N Salt Pond Hill (FSCA; RHTC)

Hyporhagus punctulatus Thomson  

ANDROS: Atala Coppice (FSCA; RHTC); Bowen Sound (FSCA; RHTC); Cargill Creek (RHTC); 0.5 mi. S Stafford Creek (RHTC); Forfar Field Station (FSCA; RHTC); Money Point (RHTC); Morgan’s Bluff (RHTC); Nicholls Town (FSCA); Owens Town (RHTC); Stafford Creek (RHTC); 3-4 mi. S Stafford Creek (RHTC); CASTAWAY (GORDA) CAY: no specific locality (FSCA); ELEUTHERA: Rainbow Bay (FSCA); EXUMA: Hummingbird Cay (FSCA); SOUTH BIMINI: no specific locality (FSCA; Vaurie 1952b)

Lasconotus pusillus LeConte  

ANDROS: Nicholls Town (RHTC)

Microsicus parvulus (Guérin-Méneville)  

ANDROS: 0.5 mi S Stafford Creek (RHTC); Forfar Field Station (FSCA; RHTC); Maidenhair Coppice (RHTC)

Monoedus guttatus (Horn)  

ANDROS: Pigeon Cay ( Anderson 1996)

Monoedus   sp. or spp.

ANDROS: Maidenhair Coppice ( FSCA)   ; ELEUTHERA: Egg Island ( Wickham 1895)  

Neotrichus insularis Grouvelle  

ANDROS: Forfar Field Station (FSCA; RHTC)


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology