Phyllodrepa humerosa (Fauvel, 1878)

Webster, Reginald P., Davies, Anthony E., Klimaszewski, Jan & Bourdon, Caroline, 2016, Further contributions to the staphylinid fauna of New Brunswick, Canada, and the USA, with descriptions of two new Proteinus species (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae), ZooKeys 573, pp. 31-83: 33-34

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Phyllodrepa humerosa (Fauvel, 1878)


Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Phyllodrepa humerosa (Fauvel, 1878)  

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Sunbury Co., Sunpoke Lake, 45.7656°N, 66.5550°W, 18.VI-9.VII.2012, 9-20.VII.2012, C. Alderson & V. Webster // Red oak forest near seasonally flooded marsh, Lindgren funnel trap in canopy of Quercus rubra   (1 ♂, RWC); Sunbury Co., Gilbert Island, 45.8770°N, 66.2954°W, 28.V-12.VI.2012, C. Alderson, C. Hughes, & V. Webster // Hardwood forest, Lindgren funnel trap in canopy of Juglans cinerea   (1 ♂, RWC). York Co., Charters Settlement, 45.8395°N, 66.7391°W, 4.V.2004, 16.IV.2005, R.P. Webster, coll. // Mixed forest, in decaying (moldy) corncobs & cornhusks (1 ♂, 1 ♀, RWC); same locality data and collector but 19.VI.2005 // Mixed forest, in dung trap (1 ♀, RWC); 15 km W of Tracy off Rt. 645, 45.6848°N, 66.8821°W, 20.VI-6.VII.2011, M. Roy & V. Webster // Old red pine forest, Lindgren funnel trap (1 ♂, RWC).

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

AB, ON, QC, NB, NS ( Bousquet et al. 2013).

Natural history.

This species was collected in a red oak ( Quercus rubra   L.) forest, a hardwood forest on an island, a mixed forest, and a red pine ( Pinus resinosa   Ait.) forest. Specimens were captured in Lindgren funnel traps in most of the above forest types, others were found in decaying (moldy) corncobs and cornhusks, and one was collected in a dung (pitfall) trap. Adults were collected in April, May, June, and July.