Diatrype hypoxyloides De Not., Sfer. Ital.

Vasilyeva, Larissa & Ma, Haixia, 2014, Diatrypaceous fungi in north-eastern China. 1. Cryptosphaeria and Diatrype, Phytotaxa 186 (5), pp. 261-270 : 265-266

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.186.5.3

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Diatrype hypoxyloides De Not., Sfer. Ital.


Diatrype hypoxyloides De Not., Sfer. Ital. : 26, 1863 ( Figs. 9 View FIGURES 9–13 , 18 View FIGURES )

Specimens examined:— CHINA, Heilongjiang Province: Raohe , on dead branches of Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Ledeb. , 7 August 2004, L. Vasilyeva, VLA P-1502 ; Jilin Province: Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve, Hanconggou area , on Quercus mongolica ,

28 August 2013, L. Vasilyeva, VLA P-2823.— JAPAN. Tochigi Prefecture: Ashio , on Quercus sp ., 29 June 1999, L. Vasilyeva, VLA P-1501.— KOREA. Gangwon Province: Chuncheon vicinity, on Quercus sp ., 11 June 1999, L. Vasilyeva , VLA P-1498 .

Stromata widely effused or sometimes patch-like, chocolate-brown, seemingly glabrous, but studded with small dots of finely papillate ostioles, surrounded by a black line within the substrate; perithecia monostichous singly erumpent, 150–200 µm diam., with short ostiolar necks. Asci cylindrical, paraphysate, (15–)20–25 × 4–6 µm in spore bearing part, stalks of different length, containing 8 biseriate ascospores, apical ring indistinguishable. Ascospores one-celled, allantoid, almost hyaline, very thin, 4–6 µm long.

This species possess discoid ostioles like D. atlantica Lar.N. Vassiljeva and D. platystoma , but differs from both latter species in small ascospores. It was described from Juglans regia L. and seems to be infrequent in Europe: very few European exsiccata contain D. hypoxyloides , e.g. Rehm’s Ascomyceten N 1630 (on Castanea vesca , Corsica). Rappaz (1987, p. 567) believed the name D. hypoxyloides to be synonymous with D. platystoma (as Graphostroma platystoma ), but these species differ equally well in their appearance and ascospore size.


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