Opisthacanthus minor,

Monod, Lionel, Duperre, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2019, An annotated catalogue of the scorpion types (Arachnida, Scorpiones) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg. Part I: Parvorder Iurida Soleglad & Fet, 2003, Evolutionary Systematics 3 (2), pp. 109-200: 109

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Opisthacanthus minor


Opisthacanthus minor  Fig. 37View Figure 37

Opisthacanthus minor  Kraepelin, 1911: 75, 79-80

Current senior synonym.

Opisthacanthus (Nepabellus) validus  Thorell, 1876 [synonymized by Lourenço 1987: 905]


1 subadult ♂ ( Fig. 37 A–BView Figure 37), 1 subadult ♀ ( Fig. 37 C–DView Figure 37), 3 juveniles ( ZMH-A0001093), [South Africa], Kapland [Western Cape], Frenchhoek in der Nähe von Kapstadt [Franschhoek Valley near Cape Town] [33°54 ’38” S, 19°07 ’11” E], 01.04.1909, S. Afer leg., Museum Amsterdam don.


Kraepelin (1911) mentioned the presence of specimens von Mphome, Transvaal (South Africa) in the Berlin Museum. Fet (2000a) listed 7 syntypes in the ZMB collections. The specimens have registration numbers ZMB/Arach-7319 and ZMB/Arach-7321.