Meotica exilis (GRAVENHORST, 1806)

V, Alexey, V, Alexander & Barševskis, Arvids, 2015, Contribution to the knowledge of myrmecophilous beetles (Insecta, Coleoptera) of Latvia, Linzer biologische Beiträge 47 (2), pp. 1829-1842: 1834

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Meotica exilis (GRAVENHORST, 1806)


Meotica exilis (GRAVENHORST, 1806)  

( M. exiliformis Joy   , M. immixta MULSANT & REY   , M. interposita MULSANT & REY   , M. lubecensis G. BENICK   , M. misera MULSANT & REY   , M. parilis MULSANT & REY   , M. pusilla MULSANT & REY   ).

R e m a r k s: The species is known from North Africa ( Algeria, Tunisia), Europe, European Russia, Kazakhstan and Siberia. It was recorded for Latvia by VORST et al. (2007), SPUŅĢIS (2008), and TELNOV et al. (2008).