Pratylenchus delattrei, Luc 1958, Luc, 1958

Alvani, Somaye, Mahdikhani-Moghadam, Esmat, Rouhani, Hamid & Mohammadi, Abbas, 2016, A checklist of the family Pratylenchidae Thorne, 1949 from Iran, Zootaxa 4079 (2), pp. 179-204: 186

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Pratylenchus delattrei


8. P. delattrei   Luc 1958

Syn: P. singhi Das & Sultana 1979  

P. graminis Subramaniyan & Sivakumar 1991   n. syn.

P. portulacus Zarina & Maqbool 1998  

(Majd Taheri et al. 2013) 7 ♀: L= 543 (467–616) µm; a = 23.8 (21.2–26.9); b = 6.1 (5–7.2); b' = 4.3 (4–4.6); c = 20 (18.1–23.1); c' = 2.2 (1.9–2.6); St = 16.3 (15–17) µm; V = 75.1 (71.4–77.1)

Associated plants and localities. Eggplant (Hormozgan), potato (Zanjan), tomato (Hormozgan) and walnut (Kordestan).

References. Majd Taheri et al. 2013 [F, M]; Bahmani et al. 2013; Namadipour, F. et al., Zanjan University, Zanjan, 2014, pers. com [P].

Remarks. The Iranian population of P. delattrei (Majd Taheri et al. 2013)   is characterized by having a continuous lip region with body contour, having three annuli, lateral fields with four lines; outer ones being crenate, inner lines finely striated, an extra line often observed before vulval region and ending around vulval region, rounded empty spermatheca, subcylindrical tail with rounded smooth terminus and absence of males. Frederick & Tarjan (1989) pointed out that P. singhi   is similar to P. delattrei   except for the present of a spermatheca filled with sperm. So P. singhi   is a synonym of P. delattrei (Castillo & Vovlas 2007)   . Similarly, P. portulacus Zarina & Maqbool 1998   was not specifically compared with P. delattrei   , despite being almost identical in morphology and morphometry. Siddiqi (2000) considered P. portulacus   to be a junior synonym of P. delattrei   . Subramaniyan & Sivakumar (1991) described P. graminis   as a new species differentiated from P. delattrei   by absence of spermatheca, length of pharyngeal lobe, position of excretory pore and hemizonid, and stylet knob shape. These characters are of minor importance and therefore P. graminis   is considered as a new junior synonym of P. delattrei (Castillo & Vovlas 2007)   .