Amarochara fenyesi Blatchley, 1910

Brunke, Adam J., Klimaszewski, Jan, Dorval, Julie-Anne, Bourdon, Caroline, Paiero, Steven M. & Marshall, Stephen A., 2012, New species and distributional records of Aleocharinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Ontario, Canada, with a checklist of recorded species, ZooKeys 186, pp. 119-206: 125-126

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Amarochara fenyesi Blatchley, 1910

New Canadian Record

Amarochara fenyesi Blatchley, 1910   New Canadian Record Fig. 11Map 11 genitalia in Assing (2002)

Material examined.

CANADA: ON:Hald.-Norfolk Reg.,Cronmiller Prop., ~6km W St. Williams, 42°40'18"N, 80°29'24"W, low forest, malaise pans, 5 to 17.viii.2011, Brunke & Paiero, 1 (DEBU), same data except: 42°40'20"N, 80°29'29"W, ridge forest, malaise pans, 17.viii to 1.ix.2011, 1 (DEBU), 42°40'20"N, 80°29'29"W, ridge forest, malaise pans, 1.ix to 20.ix.2011, Brunke & Paiero, 1 (DEBU; Northumberland Co.,Peter's Woods Prov. Nat. Res., 44°7'26"N, 78°2'31"W, forest, malaise pans, backwoods, 19.v to, Brunke & Paiero, 1 (DEBU), same data except: front woods, 16 to, 1 (DEBU), 12 to 26.vii.2011, 1 (DEBU), 12 to 26.viii.2011, 2 (DEBU).


Canada: ON; USA: GA, IN, KS ( Assing 2002). Native.


This species can by distinguished from other Nearctic Amarochara   by the following combination of characters: head and pronotum with weak microsculpture; first segment of metatarsus about as long as second to fourth segments combined; punctation of abdominal tergites sparse ( Assing 2002, 2007). The shape of the median lobe of the aedeagus is also distinctive in lateral view.

All specimens of this species with collection data were collected in forested reserves using flight intercept traps ( Assing 2002, this study) but nothing further is known about its biology.