Uracanthus minatus Pascoe, 1866

Thongphak, Duangrat & Wang, Qiao, 2007, Taxonomic revision of the longicorn beetle genus Uracanthus Hope 1833 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae: Uracanthini) from Australia., Zootaxa 1569 (1569), pp. 1-139: 46-47

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Uracanthus minatus Pascoe, 1866


Uracanthus minatus Pascoe, 1866  

(Figs 41, 79,105)

Uracanthus minatus Pascoe, 1866: 93   .– Aurivillius, 1912: 147; McKeown, 1947: 65.


Male. Body length, 16.36 mm; width, 2.58 mm.

Colour (Fig. 41). Antennae, legs, metasternite, and abdomen blackish brown; remaining body yellowish brown with head, prothorax and basal 1/3 elytra darker. Head with dense, long, yellowish pubescence. Pronotal disc with 2 broad longitudinal stripes of dense, long, long yellowish pubescence, a narrow, longitudinal, glabrous median line between stripes; side with a narrow longitudinal stripe of very dense golden pubescence near ventral side; Elytron with very dense short yellowish pubescence.

Head. Postclypeus triangular, convex, with fairly dense punctures; frontoclypeal suture deep and wide in middle; distance between lower lobes of eyes 1.94 × as long as distance between upper lobes of eyes; distance between upper lobes of eyes 0.95 × as long as distance between eyes on ventral side; genal length 0.45 × as long as head width immediately below eyes. Antennae longer than body; segments 5–10 subcylindrical and slightly produced on one side at apex.

Thorax and abdomen. Pronotum 1.38 × as long as width, rounded at side with a very small process on each side; posterior margin 1.33 × as wide as anterior margin; pronotal disc and side strongly rugose transversely. Scutellum semicircular, with dense pubescence. Elytra 4.31 × as long as prothorax and 4.43 × as long as shoulder width; basal 1/3 of elytra with dense coarse punctures and the rest with fine punctures; apex rounded.

Male terminalia. Apex of ventral median lobe pointed and apex of dorsal lobe rounded; ventral lobe shorter than dorsal lobe; spined region of internal sac divided into two sections: first section with dense long simple spines and sparse multi-branched spines; second section about as long as first section, with sparse simple spines; no distinct unspined gap between sections ( Fig. 79a). Eighth sternite obliquely truncate at sides; widely emarginate at apex, with long and fairly long setae arising terminally; ventral surface with short simple spines and fairly dense cloud-like processes ( Fig. 79b). Eighth tergite truncate or slightly rounded at apex, with fairly dense simple spines and multi-branched spines on surface ( Fig. 79c). Paramere short, cylindrical in shape, apex rounded with long and short setae ( Fig. 79d).

Female. Body length, 12.73–17.46 mm; width, 2.26–3.52 mm.

Body more robust, antennae shorter than body; distance between lower lobes of eyes less than 2 × as long as distance between upper lobes of eyes; elytra 3.70–3.75 ×as long as prothorax and 3.96–4.16 ×as long as shoulder width.

Ovipositor and spermatheca. Ovipositor long; styli short, arising terminally with short hairs ( Fig. 79e). Spermatheca heavily curved; spermathecal gland arising near base ( Fig. 79f).

Distribution Southwestern Western Australia ( Fig. 105).

Biology Hosts unknown. Adults were collected in October and November.


This species resembles U. corrugicollis   but differs in having the antennae, legs and abdomen black; the elytral apex rounded without any spine.

Material examined

Holotype. ♀. WA: no data, bearing a circular type label, and Pascoe’s hand writing ( BMNH).  

Other material examined. 1 ♂, 3 ♀. WA: 1 ♀, Lake Grace (33º05'S, 118º24'E), 17.xi.1928, K. & E. Carnaby ( ANIC) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, Thomas River (33º51'S, 123º05'E), 1.xi.1983, K. & E. Carnaby ( ANIC) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Marloo Stn. , Wurarga, 1931–1941, A. Goerling ( ANIC)   ; 1 ♀, 18 km E by S of Kalbarri (27º44'S, 114º21'E), Kalbarri National Park , 19.x.1984, D. C. Y. Rentz ( ANIC) GoogleMaps   .


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Uracanthus minatus Pascoe, 1866

Thongphak, Duangrat & Wang, Qiao 2007

Uracanthus minatus

McKeown, K. C. 1947: 65
Aurivillius, C. 1912: 147
Pascoe, F. P. 1866: 93