Pseudepisothalma ocellata (Swinhoe, 1893), Swinhoe, 1893

Xue, Dayong, Wang, Xuejian & Han, Hongxiang, 2009, A revision of Episothalma Swinhoe, 1893, with descriptions of two new species and one new genus (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Geometrinae), Zootaxa 2033, pp. 12-25: 24

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Pseudepisothalma ocellata (Swinhoe, 1893)

comb. nov.

Pseudepisothalma ocellata (Swinhoe, 1893)   comb. nov.

Figs. 9–10

Episothalma ocellata Swinhoe, 1893   b, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (6) 12: 218. ɗ, [ India]: Khasi Hills ( BMNH), herein designated as lectotype.

Chlorodontopera (Episthophthalma) ocellata: Hampson, 1895   , Fauna Br. India (Moths) 3: 483.

Redescription. Head: Frons red brown mixed with black. Labial palpus dark brown. Vertex grass green. Thorax: Tegula grass green. Dorsum grass green, venter mixed with dull pink. Hind tibia in male slightly dilated, with one pair of terminal spurs. Length of forewing: ɗ 21 mm. Wings grass green. Forewing with costa pink and reddish brown, diffused with black; antemedial line pale yellowish green, wavy, appearing as small black dots on veins; postmedial line pale yellowish green, straight, slightly wavy, with short blackish green radial lines outside it on veins; terminal line blackish green, broken on veins; discal spot black, large; fringes with basal part pink red-brown, distal part dark green. Hind wing with discal spot smaller than that of forewing; postmedial, terminal lines, fringes same as those of forewing. Ventral side yellow dispersed with black; both wings with black discal spots; postmedial lines on both wings distinct, also discernible from dorsal side, almost straight; fringes black. Abdomen: Dorsum blackish red-brown, crested from second to fifth segment, the former two developed. Sternite 8 in male slightly sclerotized, with middle part concave. Male genitalia ( Figs. 22 View FIGURES 17 – 22 , 33 View FIGURES 23 – 33. 23 ) as in description of the genus. Female genitalia unknown.

Material examined. INDIA: Lectotype of Episothalma ocellata Swinhoe   , ɗ, Khasi Hills, 94 - 66 (other labels: Episothalma ocellata Swinhoe   , ɗ type; red type label) ( BMNH); CHINA: Yunnan Tengchong Dahaoping, 2020 m, 24–26.V. 1992, coll. Xue Dayong, 1 ɗ ( IZCAS).

Distribution. China (Yunnan), India (Khasia Hills).

Biology. Unknown.

Notes. “Two examples” were recorded in the original description, and Scoble (1999) recorded “ Syntypes 2 ɗ ( BMNH)”. But only one male was found in the collection of the BMNH. A lectotype is designated herein for P. o c e l l a t a to provide nomenclatural stability to this taxon.


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Pseudepisothalma ocellata (Swinhoe, 1893)

Xue, Dayong, Wang, Xuejian & Han, Hongxiang 2009

Chlorodontopera (Episthophthalma) ocellata:

Hampson 1895