Pristiphora kontuniemii (Lindqvist, 1952),

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew, 2017, North-Western Palaearctic species of Pristiphora (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 59, pp. 1-190: 51

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Pristiphora kontuniemii (Lindqvist, 1952)


Pristiphora kontuniemii (Lindqvist, 1952)  Fig. 310

Lygaeonematus kontuniemii  Lindqvist, 1952: 113-114. Holotype ♀ (DEI-GISHym20880) in MZH, examined. Type locality: Ivalo, Finland.

Similar species.

Species limits in the micronematica  group are still unclear.

Genetic data.

Based on COI barcode sequences, specimens of the micronematica  group belong to the BIN cluster BOLD:ACG2488. Maximum distance within the BIN is 2.45%. The nearest neighbour to BOLD:ACG2488, diverging by a minimum of 4.1%, is BOLD:ACO1401 ( P. euxantha  ). Based on nuclear data, maximum divergence within the group is 2.5% (based on four specimens and TPI) and the nearest neighbour is 4.7% ( P. nigella  , only TPI) or 0.6% different ( P. siskiyouensis  , only NaK).

Host plants.

Salix pentandra  L., Salix daphnoides  Vill. (ex ovo rearing experiments by VV).

Rearing notes.

Rearing no. 47/1987: Finland, South Häme, Hämeenlinna, Katinen. On 14.VI.1987 larvae on Salix pentandra  ; head coloration characteristic.

Ovipositing experiment no. 5/2009: Finland, South Häme, Janakkala. On 8.V.2009 one female was found ovipositing in a bud of Salix pentandra  . When captured she laid 12 eggs in pockets on undersides of young leaves of S. pentandra  . The eggs were close to the leaf margin. On 8.V.2009 the larvae hatched, and during the next days they gnawed holes in the leaf margins. Four larval instars were observed. Development of the larvae was rapid, and prepupae were found on 22-24.V.2009. No extra moult after feeding.

Rearing no. 2/1999: Finland, Uusimaa, Espoo, Överby school. On 29.V.1999 eggs were found in large buds of Salix daphnoides subsp. acutifolia  (Willd.) Ahlfv., the eggs were on underside of outer leaves near the leaf margin in the apical part of the leaf. Larvae hatched and four instars were observed. Prepupae were seen on 1-3.VI.1999. No extra moult after feeding. In next March males and females emerged.

Distribution and material examined.

West Palaearctic. Specimens studied are from Finland.














Pristiphora kontuniemii (Lindqvist, 1952)

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew 2017

Lygaeonematus kontuniemii

Konow 1890