Syngenes maritimus ( Needham, 1913 )

Mansell, Mervyn W., 2018, Antlions of southern Africa: Syngenes Kolbe, 1897, with descriptions of two new species and comments on extra-limital taxa (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae: Acanthaclisini), Zootaxa 4497 (3), pp. 346-380 : 373-375

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Syngenes maritimus ( Needham, 1913 )


Syngenes maritimus ( Needham, 1913) View in CoL

Figs 80–87 View FIGURES 80–81 View FIGURES 82, 82 View FIGURES 84–87 .

Acanthaclisis maritimus Needham, 1913: 244 . 4426. Ohm & Hölzel 1995: 8. 8376 (Incorrect synonymy with S. longicornis View in CoL ). Syngenes maritimus (Needham) View in CoL : Stange 2004: 360. 11168.

Type depository: BMNH. 1♂ 1♀ Syntypes.

Type locality: Aldabra Atoll, 09°25’36”S 46°13’06”E, Seychelles. GoogleMaps

Diagnosis. Characterized by biaereolate cells from Rs to pterostigma, with the bottom row of cells (along Sc) being regular and evenly spaced. This sets it apart from its African congeners where the cells are more irregular and not as evenly spaced. There are a variable number of biaereolate cells (0–5) before Rs. This appears to be a variable character in S. maritimus . It can be distinguished from S. medialis by the number of biaereolate cells immediately after Rs, well before Rs2 that are usually lacking in S. medialis . The evenly curved spurs clearly distinguish it from S. longicornis with which it was synonymized by Ohm & Hölzel (1995), without substantiation.

Distribution. Aldabra Island and Madagascar.

Comments. Needham (1913) recorded four specimens in the original description, all from Aldabra Island, Seychelles, collected by J.C.F. Fryer in 1908. Only two of the specimens remain in BMNH. The other two, including the specimen photographed by Needham (1913, Fig. 2 View FIGURES 1–2 ) have been on loan since 2001 and possibly lost. Photographs of the remaining two, a male with terminalia detached in a vial with the specimen, and a female are available ( Figs 80, 81 View FIGURES 80–81 ). In the absence of the specimen photographed by Needham, the male depicted in Fig. 80 View FIGURES 80–81 , and labelled as below, is designated as lectotype of Syngenes maritimus Needham.

Type material examined. SEYCHELLES, Aldabra Island . Photographs. 1♂ Syntype, Syngenes maritimus Needham ( Fig. 80 View FIGURES 80–81 ), labelled “ Syn-type (round label with blue border) / Seychelle Islands, Percy Sladen Trust Expedition, 1913–170 / NHMUK010288440 View Materials ” + Barcode icon. Male terminalia in separate vial ( BMNH) ; 1♀ Syntype Syngenes maritimus Needham ( Fig. 81 View FIGURES 80–81 ), labelled “ Syn-type (round label with blue border) / Aldabra, 1908, J.C.Fryer / Seychelle Islands , Percy Sladen Trust Expedition (remainder obscured) / NHMUK010288439 View Materials ” + Barcode icon. ( BMNH).

Additional material examined. MADAGASCAR. 2♀ Madagascar, Vadon, no further data (specimens in poor condition) ( MRAC); 1♀ Madagascar, Sud, Schouteden, no further data ( MRAC); 1♂ Fort Dauphin 5 km W, 25°02’56”S 46°57’39”E, 25m, 21.iv.1991, A.Freidberg, F.Kaplan, NEUR 11839 (terminalia defective) ( SANC).


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Syngenes maritimus ( Needham, 1913 )

Mansell, Mervyn W. 2018

Acanthaclisis maritimus

Needham, 1913 : 244
Ohm & Hölzel 1995 : 8
Stange 2004 : 360
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