Trigonopterus Fauvel, 1862,

Narakusumo, Raden Pramesa, Balke, Michael & Riedel, Alexander, 2019, Seven new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from the Tanimbar Archipelago, ZooKeys 888, pp. 75-93: 75

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Trigonopterus Fauvel, 1862


Trigonopterus Fauvel, 1862 

Type species, by monotypy.

Trigonopterus insignis  Fauvel, 1862.


Fully apterous genus of Cryptorhynchinae  s. s. Length 1.5-6.0 mm. Rostrum in repose not reaching middle of mesocoxa. Scutellar shield completely absent externally. Mesothoracic receptacle deep, posteriorly closed. Metanepisternum completely absent externally. Elytra with nine striae (sometimes superficially effaced). Tarsal claws minute. Usually body largely unclothed, without dense vestiture. For additional information, see

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