Pycnanthemum setosum Nutt.,

Thornhill, Robert, Krings, Alexander, Lindbo, David & Stucky, Jon, 2014, Guide to the Vascular Flora of the Savannas and Flatwoods of Shaken Creek Preserve and Vicinity (Pender & Onslow Counties, North Carolina, U. S. A.), Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1099-1099: 1099

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Pycnanthemum setosum Nutt.


Pycnanthemum setosum Nutt. 

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SR-T; S2, G4.


Dry pinelands.


Mid Jun–Aug; Aug–Oct. The specimen for this report (Thornhill 1547, NCSC), which was collected by the author at the edge of a dirt road and powerline savanna in Shaken Creek Preserve, has calyx lobes somewhat shorter and leaves somewhat narrower than is typical for Pycnanthemum setosum  . However, based on comparisons to specimens at NCSC and NCU and following the advice of better botanists (in particular, Derrick Poindexter (NCU)), the specimen seems at least to align most closely with Pycnanthemum setosum  . More study is needed to clarify the taxonomy of this genus. Pycnanthemum setosum  is also reported within a 2-mile radius of Shaken Creek Preserve by the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program ( (EO status “current”, accuracy “medium”), though no vouchers for this report have been seen by the senior author. [= RAB, Weakley]