Platypalpus sinevi Kustov, Shamshev & Grootaert, 2015, Kustov, Shamshev & Grootaert, 2015

Barták, Miroslav & Kubík, Štěpán, 2018, Hybotidae (Diptera) from Turkey, with descriptions of seven new species, Zootaxa 4410 (3), pp. 453-482: 475

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Platypalpus sinevi Kustov, Shamshev & Grootaert, 2015


Platypalpus sinevi Kustov, Shamshev & Grootaert, 2015  

Material examined. Muğla prov.: 17♂, 3♀   , Muğla University campus, MT, 720 m, 37°09′42′′N, 28°22′13′′E, H. Kavak, i.2015 GoogleMaps   ; 3♀, same data except iv.2015 GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, same locality, MT, 730 m, 37°09′38′′N, 28°22′11′′E, Barták, Kubík, xi.2015 GoogleMaps   – iv.2016; 2♀, same locality, MT, 700 m, 37°09′42′′N, 28°22′2′′ E, O. Dursun, xii.2013 GoogleMaps   – ii.2014 —all CULSP.

Remarks. This species is known up to now only from the European part of Russia (Karachay-Cherkessia). Specimens from Turkey (T) slightly differ from the original description (C), but we consider them conspecific due to: (1) striking similarity of male genitalia, (2) most differences are only in colour characters (T specimens are distinctly darker), and (3) corrections of the original description in many respects by communication with S. Kustov (pers. comm. 2017). Characters not described or specified herewith: clypeus lustrous (both T and C); fore and mid femora with brown (T) or mixed pale and brown setae (C), fore femur with 2 strong anterior setae (both T and C); mid femur with anteroventral brown spine-like setae longer than those in anteroventral row (both T and C); legs dirty yellow (both T and C); abdomen brownish yellow to blackish brown (both T and C); female tergites entirely microtrichose (T) but more broadly lustrous (C); length of body up to 3.9 mm (T), wing from 3.5 mm (T); acrostichals in several specimens almost regularly biserial, with only 1–3 setae inserted on anterior part of mesoscutum outside rows (T). These are the first records for Turkey.