Oxypoda lacustris Casey, 1906

Webster, Reginald, Klimaszewski, Jan, Pelletier, Georges & Savard, Karine, 2009, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, Canada. I. Aleocharinae, ZooKeys 22 (22), pp. 171-248 : 195-196

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https://doi.org/ 10.3897/zookeys.22.152



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Oxypoda lacustris Casey, 1906


Oxypoda lacustris Casey, 1906

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New Records. CANADA, New Brunswick, Albert Co., Shepody NWA, Germantown Section , 45.7056°N, 64.7642°W, 17.V.2004 (1 ♁, RWC) GoogleMaps . Queens Co., W. of Jemseg at “Trout Creek”, 45.8227°N, 66.1240°W, 26.IV.2004, 9.V.2004 (2 ♁, 1 sex undetermined, RWC) GoogleMaps ; Grand Lake, near Scotchtown , 45.8762°N, 66.1816°W, 3.VI.2007 (1 ♀, RWC) GoogleMaps . Sunbury Co., Portobello Creek NWA, 45.8952°N, 66.2728°W, 7.V.2004 (1 ♀, RWC) GoogleMaps ; Acadia Research Forest , 46.017°N, 66.374°W, 15.VI.2004, J. Sweeney, coll., Site 16, strip 1, Pitfall Trap #3 (1 ♁, AFC) GoogleMaps . York Co., Charters Settlement , 45.8341°N, 66.7445°W, 22.IV.2005, 29.III.2006, 21.IV.2006, 31.V.2006, 5.V.2008, 31.V.2006 (2 ♁, 1 ♀, 3 sex undetermined, RWC) GoogleMaps ; Slagundy Dry Ponds , 45.8596°N, 67.1849°W, 8.VII.2006 (1 ♁, RWC) GoogleMaps ; Rt. 645 at Beaver

Map Į9. Collection localities in New Brunswick, Canada of Oxypoda lacustris .

Brook, 45.6860°N, 66.8668°W, 6.V.2008, Carex marsh in leaf and grass litter at base of red maple (1 ♀, RWC).

Bionomic Notes. Oxypoda lacustris appears to be a hygrophilous species associated with wet habitats of various kinds. In New Brunswick, adults were captured in marsh litter in a cattail/sedge marsh, in leaf and grass litter at base of red maple in a Carex marsh, in leaf litter in silver maple swamps, in moist leaf litter on margins of vernal ponds in mixed forests, and in drift material on a lake margin. Adults were collected in late March, April, May, June, and July. Collection method: sifting.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska. AB, YT, NT, BC, AB, ON, QC, NB, NF & LB (Klimaszewski et al. 2006; Gouix and Klimaszewski 2007).

Comments. Oxypoda lacustris reported by Klimaszewski et al. (2005) from New Brunswick was a misidentification for O. pseudolacustris Klimaszewski (Klimaszewski et al. 2006).













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