Tachyusa americana Casey, 1906

Webster, Reginald, Klimaszewski, Jan, Pelletier, Georges & Savard, Karine, 2009, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, Canada. I. Aleocharinae, ZooKeys 22 (22), pp. 171-248 : 200-202

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Tachyusa americana Casey, 1906


Tachyusa americana Casey, 1906

Fig 23, Map 23

New Records. CANADA, New Brunswick, Carleton Co., “ Bell Forest ”, 46.2152°N, 67.7190°W, 12.VII.2004, K. Bredin, J. Edsall, and R.P. Webster (2 sex undetermined, NBM, RWC) GoogleMaps . Charlotte Co., near Clark Ridge , 45.3155°N, 67.4406°W, 27.V.2007 (1 ♀, RWC) GoogleMaps . Queens Co., W of Jemseg near “ Trout Creek ”, 45.8227°N, 66.1240°W, 1.IX.2004 (1 sex undetermined, NBM) GoogleMaps ; Bayard, at Nerepis River , 45.4426°N, 66.3280°W, 30.V.2008 (1 ♁, RWC) GoogleMaps . Restigouche Co., Little Tobique River near Red Brook , 47.4465°N, 67.0689°W, 13.VI.2006 (1 ♀, RWC) GoogleMaps . Sunbury Co. Portobello Creek NWA, 45.8992°N, 66.4248°W, 24.VI.2004 (2 sex undetermined, NBM) GoogleMaps . York Co., Mazerolle Settlement , 45.8729°N, 66.8311°W, 28.IV.2006 (1 ♁, 1 ♀, RWC) GoogleMaps ; Fredericton, at Saint John River , 45.9588°N, 66.6254°W, 4.VII.2004 (1 sex undetermined, RWC) GoogleMaps ; Keswick River at Rt. 105, 45.9938°N, 66.8344°W, 24.VI.2004, 3.VI.2008 (2 ♀, 1 sex undetermined, NBM, RWC) GoogleMaps ; 9.2 km W of Tracy off Rt. 645, 45.6837°N, 66.8809°W, 22.V.2008 (1 ♁, RWC) GoogleMaps .

Map 23. Collection localities in New Brunswick, Canada of Tachyusa americana .

Bionomic Notes. Most adults of T. americana were collected from litter (leaf litter, silver maple seeds, grass litter), often on muddy soil along the margins of rivers and streams through flood plain forests, and margins of beaver ponds. Some adults were collected on mud with sparse vegetation along a sun-exposed stream margin through a former beaver pond. Adults were captured in April, May, June, July, and September. Collection method: sifting, hand collecting with aspirator.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska. ON, QC, NB ( Pasnik 2006; Gouix and Klimaszewski 2007).

Tribe Myllaenini Ganglbauer, 1895

Myllaena kaskaskia Klimaszewski, 1982

Figs 25, 61–63, Map 24

New Records. CANADA, New Brunswick, Charlotte Co. near New River, 45.2067°N, 66.6505°W, 13.VI.2008 (1 ♁, 3 ♀, LFC, RWC). York Co., Charters Settlement, 45.8404°N, 66.7360°W, 27.V.2008 (7 ♁, 8 ♀, LFC, RWC).

Bionomic Notes. Myllaena kaskaskia was found among cobblestones and gravel along the margins of medium- to large-sized brooks partially shaded by alders. Adults were located by turning over cobblestones and larger pebbles along the brook margin or on small gravel bars. One specimen from Georgia ( United States) was collected along a

Map 24. Collection localities in New Brunswick, Canada of Myllaena kaskaskia .

stream (Klimaszsewski 1982). No additional information was previously known about the bionomics of this species. In New Brunswick, adults were collected in May and June. Collection method: hand collecting (turning over cobblestones and pebbles).

Distribution in Canada and Alaska. NB (first Canadian record) ( Klimaszewski 1982; Gouix and Klimaszewski 2007). Th is species was previously known from the eastern United States from Virginia, Georgia, and Illinois ( Klimaszewski 1982). The record from New Brunswick represents a significant range extension for this species.