Lepidaspis Dineley & Loeffler, 1976

Mark-Kurik, Elga, Blieck, Alain, Burrow, Carole J. & Turner, Susan, 2013, Early Devonian fishes from coastal De Long Strait, central Chukotka, Arctic Russia, Geodiversitas 35 (3), pp. 545-578 : 556

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https://doi.org/ 10.5252/g2013n3a3

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Lepidaspis Dineley & Loeffler, 1976


Genus Lepidaspis Dineley & Loeffler, 1976


Dineley & Loeffler (1976) have not precisely classified Lepidaspis among vertebrates, keeping this genus as incertae sedis. ħey, however, noticed affinities with Pteraspidomorphi, that is, ħelodonti and Heterostraci ( Dineley & Loeffler 1976: 190). Based upon detailed superficial ornament pattern, Blieck (1982: 47) classified Lepidaspis as “ Heterostraci incerti ordinis et incertae familiae”, an opinion which has not been retained in the Paleobiology Database ( Hendy 2012) where Lepidaspis is classified among the family Corvaspididae “according to Blieck et al. 2002 ”. ħe latter assertion is wrong: Blieck et al. (2002) did not include Lepidaspis among Corvaspididae , and we keep here Lepidaspis as an undetermined heterostracan (following Blieck 1982).

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