Enochrus (Methydrus) paraensis Fernández, 1997, Fernandez, 1997

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Liza M., García-Hernández, Andrea L. & Clarkson, Bruno, 2017, First records of water scavenger beetle species (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae) from Quindío Department, Colombia, Check List 13 (5), pp. 605-620: 610-611

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/13.5.605



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Enochrus (Methydrus) paraensis Fernández, 1997


Enochrus (Methydrus) paraensis Fernández, 1997  

( Figs 7, 30)

Diagnosis. Body 2.80–3.60 mm long. Head, pronotum and elytra light brown. Prosternum slightly elevated with a small tooth-like projection on anterior portion. Mesoventral process strongly carinate, posterior margin of carina angulate in lateral view. Parameres longer than phallobase, rounded at apex; median lobe shorter than parameres, convex at apex.

Geographic distribution. Brazil. First record from Quindío Department and from Colombia.

Material examined. Colombia, Quindío Department, Quimbaya Municipality, Manabí neighborhood, 04°36ʹ 46.7ʺ N, 075°51ʹ59.6ʺ W, 995 m a.m.s.l., 2015-II-03-02, L.M. González coll., CIUQ 10602 and 10603 (9 males, 4 females)

Remarks. Specimens were collected in streams on stony/ sandy substrates.