Sabellaria alcocki Gravier, 1906,

Faulwetter, Sarah, Simboura, Nomiki, Katsiaras, Nikolaos, Chatzigeorgiou, Giorgos & Arvanitidis, Christos, 2017, Polychaetes of Greece: an updated and annotated checklist, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 20997-20997: 20997

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Sabellaria alcocki Gravier, 1906


Sabellaria alcocki Gravier, 1906 

Sabellaria alcocki  Gravier, 1906 | Sabellaria spinulosa alcocki  Gravier, 1906


Questionable status. The specimens and description of Sabellaria spinulosa var. alcocki  by Fauvel (1927) were examined by da Cunha Lana and Gruet (1989) and found to contain several species, some belonging to Sabellaria wilsoni  Lana & Gruet, 1989. Thus, specimens identified using Fauvel's key probably belong to other species. Lezzi et al. (2015) suggest that specimens recorded as Sabellaria alcocki  in the Mediterranean belong to juveniles of Sabellaria spinulosa  (Leuckart, 1849) and that Sabellaria alcocki  is absent from the region. Schimmenti et al. (2015) show through molecular analyses that specimens identified as Sabellaria alcocki  from Italy fully matched the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) sequences of Sabellaria spinulosa  .